A Mold Removal Company in Portland OR Explains What Your Laundry Room Might Be Hiding

laundryAs many of you know, mold grows more frequently in rooms where there is a regular amount of water use. Your laundry room and hampers are some of the most ideal locations for mold to grow. This is due to the fact that they typically provide the mold spores to daily access of a bountiful supply of dirt, dust, sweat, food, urine, hair, body oils, and moisture to feed on.

There is literally the potential of thousands of microscopic mold spores (if not millions) in your indoor and outdoor world, so it should come as no surprise that your chances of encountering mold growth in your hampers or laundry room are incredibly high.

Even if your home does not struggle with moisture problems, the simple task of dealing with your laundry could be welcoming and sustaining mold growth.

Today we will reveal the top three mold-inviting mistakes you might be making with your laundry.

Before your laundry makes it to the hamper: If you pile your laundry on the floor in the corner there are some qualities that might invite mold growth.

  1. Your laundry is likely covered in sweat
  2. Your laundry probably has food particles on it
  3. Your laundry might be wet

Once it makes it in the Hamper: As more and more dirty clothes are piled on top of each other, the below items never fully dry.

During and after the washing process: The soap you use and the temperature you set your washer at can make a difference in the way the clothes are cleaned. The correct procedure can ensure that your clothes are fully cleaned, removing any organic materials in the process. Here are a few other mistakes that can be made during the washing cycle:

  • Ending the drying cycle before the laundry is all the way dry
  • Folding and putting away clothes that are not yet dry

If you or your family has made some of these mold-inviting mistakes, making efforts to take proper precautions can help and stop mold growth in its tracks. If you are concerned about your laundry room growing mold, consider mold removal in Portland OR! Click here to read more!