A Mold Removal Specialist in Portland OR asks: When Is Mold Remediation Covered By Home Insurance?

Mold on corner wallAre you wondering if mold remediation is covered by your homeowners insurance?
Depending on your insurance plan, the answer to this question might vary. That said, much of the damage caused by mold is not covered by your homeowners insurance.

If you do file a claim for water damage, but fail to take the necessary steps to deal with the damage caused by the water (including the growth of mold) then you might end up forfeiting the money from your claim. The mold removal specialists at MoldEaters can help you with this problem.

As soon as the damage occurs, we can inspect your premises for you. This will help up understand the extent of the water damage and whether or not you should be worried about mold growth.

At this time, we also might recommend that you have your air tested for mold spores.

If you want to get the mold growth in your home under control, take the necessary steps to prevent it from growing in the first place! Feel free to contact MoldEaters, your trusted mold removal specialists in Portland, OR, if you have any mold related questions!

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