Advice About Bathroom Mold from A Mold Removal Company in Vancouver WA

Many of the objects in your bathroom are susceptible to mold growth. It is important that you remember to check these things for mold routinely to ensure a safe and healthy bathroom space:

  • abathroomShampoo bottles
  • Soap
  • Beauty products
  • Children’s toys
  • Razors
  • Water glasses
  • Toothbrushes
  • Wet towels that sit too long
  • Soap dishes
  • Contact lens cases

It is important to make sure that the items in your bathroom don’t sit on wet surfaces for long periods of time. Wet surfaces sitting on other wet surfaces tend to take longer to dry and can trap water. If you can store them up high and out of the moisture, you can lower the chances of mold growth.

Another suggestion is to minimize the number of objects in the bathroom by finishing off products and throwing them away before getting the new ones out. When you clean the bathroom, consider removing all extra objects and clean them separately before returning them to the bathroom.

If mold is becoming a reccurent problem in your bathroom or any other area within your home, do not hesitate to call MoldEaters. We can help you with your mold concerns in Vancouver WA and make sure you are breathing fresh air every day. Click here to contact us today.