Benefits of Using Essential Oils to Treat Surface Mold

img_6153Mold can hide and flourish within the wall cavities, on ceiling tiles, and underneath floor coverings in your home. If you have mold, it is often best to hire a licensed mold inspector in Portland Oregon who is trained in the remediation of bio-hazards. At MoldEaters, we will look for leaks, moisture, and mold growth.

While removal of hidden mold is a big and potentially costly endeavor, you can do a number of things to deal with the mold that you can see on your own.

Today we want to discuss an option that you may have not considered before… and that is treating the visual mold in your home with essential oils!

Essential oils that are high quality, pure, and  of therapeutic grade can be helpful in treating mold. They are a bit more expensive than what you can purchase at your local health food store, but it is much better to use oils that are free of additive. If you have mold or other funguses inside your body it is unsafe to treat with inferior oils.

Surface cleaning solution:

In a clean, dark colored, glass, spray or pump bottle, mix 1 cup of white vinegar + 1 cup of water + 5 drops thyme oil, 5 drops orange oil, and 5 drops eucalyptus oil.

You can clean most bathroom and kitchen surfaces with this, and spray it on your shower curtains and unfinished basement wall surfaces.

Adding a few drops of essential oil into the soap dispensers of your washing machine and dishwasher can help with mold.

Here are just a few tips for using essential oils:

*Make sure to only use essential oils that are indicated for internal use

*Make sure to always dilute and test as some oils can cause skin irritation or burning

If you have any questions about mold problems in your home, or if the problem is more than just on the surface, contact MoldEaters! We want to see your home and your family healthy and happy!