Don’t Forget ‘Free Mold Inspection’ When Spring Cleaning

If you want to avoid mold removal from your Portland home, add a free mold inspection from MoldEaters to your spring cleaning list.

MoldEaters offers a free consultation. To schedule your free consultation, click here.

We want you to be comfortable with us. Feel free to call and ask questions.

Our staff will be glad to discuss your home and your possible mold problem. We’ll help you find the source of moisture and your mold contamination (if you have some).

After your free consultation, we may recommend a more thorough examination of your home. This examination will probe deep into the crevices

Mold Removal Consultation

Contact us for a free consultation with a mold removal expert.

and cracks of your home for mold and moisture sources.

Additionally, we might suggest a test from a third-party. This test will illuminate the magnitude and type of your home’s mold contamination.

If you agree to go forward with containment, remediation, and repair, we’ll first devise a strategy for your specific mold problem. MoldEaters knows that every home is different and every home’s mold problem needs a custom solution.

Before we do any repairs, and before we do anything to cure your moisture problem, we will provide you with a detailed estimate. This estimate will include the cost, the scope of work MoldEaters will perform, and all repairs.

To schedule your free mold removal consultation for your Portland home, contact MoldEaters today!