Houses Don’t Need to Be Old to Get Mold

Do you need to worry about mold in your newly built Portland OR home? It may surprise you, but the answer is a soft “yes.”

You’d think the answer would be an emphatic “no.” Your home is brand new. How could it possibly have mold?

Your new build can have mold via one of two ways.

This is the Pacific Northwest. It rains all the time and things are always damp.

New Home Picture

Modern custom built house newly constructed in a residential neighborhood.

If your home was built during the winter months, when it rains the most, it could be susceptible to mold.  The builder may have sealed areas of your home that had gotten wet and hadn’t thoroughly dried.

Ideally, you want your home built when things are parched. Yet, if builders only worked when it was dry in the Pacific Northwest they’d never get anything done.

Second, with all the rain we get in Oregon, your newly built home could have mold if there are leaks in its construction. Obviously, you hope your builder did their job, but if a mistake happened, or something unexpectedly broke, you could have water getting into places meant to be kept dry. When that happens, mold can happen.

Ultimately, if you’re adamant about breathing clean air in your home, experts recommend that you get your home tested for mold. Regardless of your home’s age, an inspection will, even if it finds nothing, give you piece of mind.

If you’re concerned about mold in your Portland OR home, contact MoldEaters to schedule your free consultation.