Leave Major Mold Clean Up to The Professionals

Mold clean up in your Portland OR home can be an arduous and unhealthy do-it-yourself project. It’s highly recommended that if you have mold, that you contact MoldEaters and have it professionally removed.

mold on window mold remediation vancouver waMoldEaters offers a free consultation and a 100% guarantee. Remember, mold is not only bad for your health but it can also have serious consequences for your home.

Surface mold, say mold found on grout lines, can be cleaned with a 1-to-8 bleach-to-water solution, and a little detergent. It’s recommended that during the mold cleaning process you wear long sleeves, long pants, gloves, and googles.

Cleaning serious mold infestations is a major endeavor. Not only do you have to clean up the mold, you also must take precautions to prevent the mold from spreading to other parts of your home.

That involves a lot of hard work, equipment, and resources. For example, experts suggest that you use a box fan in a window for ventilation and then when the work is finished you throw it away!

Here’s another reason to call in the professionals. You’ll want to vacuum up debris with a wet/dry vac. Then you’ll want to clean the wet/dry vac.

So, you’re not only cleaning up the problem mold, you are also cleaning the equipment you’re using to clean up the mold.

Then, after you clean up the mold, you have to repair the part of your home the mold damaged.

Are you ready for all that work?

MoldEaters can do it all for you, and that includes repairing whatever the mold ruined. We do it cleanly, safely, and with minimal disruption.

Minor mold clean up in your Portland OR home is completely doable. For major mold clean up, contact MoldEaters today!