Mold Removal versus Mold Remediation

In this article, MoldEaters discusses the difference between mold removal and mold remediation as it applies to your Portland OR home.

Technically, there is no such thing as mold removal. That’s because mold is everywhere.

mold on window mold remediation vancouver waMold floats in the air. It can enter your home when your door is open, when your window is ajar, or through your home’s AC/heating system.

Most of the mold in your home is dormant. When it becomes active is when you have problems. When you have mold problems, you want mold remediation.

Remediation is “the correction of something bad. So, mold remediation is getting rid of the hazards of mold. It’s bringing your mold levels back to normal.

Fortunately, MoldEaters is your mold remediation specialists in Vancouver WA and Portland Oregon. We offer a free consultation and our work is backed with a 100% guarantee.

MoldEaters will evaluate your mold problem, devise a strategy to fix it, and then present you with a detailed estimate.

From there, MoldEaters will…

  • Contain the contaminated area
  • Resolve moisture issues
  • Remove the mold
  • Vacuum lose debris and organic material
  • Release an enzyme fog that consumes remaining mold spores
  • Repair/remodel any damage to your home

It should be noted that the term “mold removal” is often used when speaking about surface mold, the kind of mold that can be removed with a cleaning solution.

Also, many use “mold removal” as a synonym for “mold remediation.” While they mean different things, but both connote the same idea.

Therefore, you don’t need to chide someone for using the term “mold removal.” You just need to know that removing all the mold from your home is technically impossible.

If you need mold removal, otherwise known as mold remediation, for your Portland OR home, contact MoldEaters right away.