Real Estate Agents – Let us Help You Seal the Deal!

If you are a realtor, you probably already know that mold is a problem when it comes to selling homes. That said, discovering mold during your sale does not have to kill the transaction.

House in Human HandWhen you use a specialist in mold removal in Portland OR, it is still possible to save the deal, along with your hard earned commission!

These are a few scenarios that our professionals at MoldEaters see on a regular basis when working in partnership with real estate agents:

  • You discover a few inches of mold in a small area of the home, causing your client to worry that the mold is growing everywhere. 

To combat this, you can first explain to your buyers or sellers that mold only grows where there is water or high relative humidity. When mold is identified in a small area where moisture was present, there is no need to start ripping out walls in other areas of the home that are dry. Next, give your buyers peace of mind by calling in the professionals to inspect the areas of the home where moisture might be getting in! 

  • Mold is disclosed or identified, but you are not sure how to tell your seller or buyer.

First and foremost, being upfront with them is of utmost importance. You can explain to them that in the Portland OR area mold is a common issue, but it can be dealt with! You will close more deals by educating your clients about mold and what can be done about it with the help of a professional. Then let them know that you should never be able to see or smell mold in a home and if you can, the home has to be evaluated by a specialist.

  • Mold is disclosed or identified but you are unsure about whether you need to hire a professional to remove it.

If you are in the business of selling homes, a professional should be called to give both you and your clients peace of mind! Some minor mold problems can be dealt with by the homeowner, but if you have any hesitation, there is nothing wrong with seeking a professional opinion.

This is where MoldEaters comes in! We have been working with real estate agents for years, and we understand what goes into selling a mold-free home! Contact us today for mold removal in Portland OR and let us be your partner on your next big sale!