The Five Worst Things You Can Do If You Have Mold

MoldEaters, your mold remediation specialists in Vancouver WA and Portland OR, wants you to know five top things to avoid doing if you have mold in a home.

If you think you have mold in your home, increase your chances of a positive outcome by not doing any of these things.

mold on window mold remediation vancouver waIgnore the mold. Mold is not a problem that will resolve itself. In fact, if you ignore mold, it will likely get worse. Remember, mold is a living organism. Left alone, it will continue to grow.

Tackle the mold yourself. Hey, you put together a dresser from that Swedish box store, you may certainly think you can take care of a little mold. If it’s a simple surface mold, then the answer may be yes. But if it’s a more serious mold issue, then the answer is probably no. Mold remediation is a major project. Leave it to the professionals at MoldEaters.

Covering the mold. Some homeowners think they can build, or paint, over their mold problem. Out of sight, out of mind- right? Wrong. You cannot correct a mold problem by simply covering it up. This might hide the mold from your sight, but it’s still there and it can still make you sick.

Hiring an amateur mold remediation specialist. Your buddy’s unemployed brother, who swears he can get rid of your mold for $100, may have the best intentions, but chances are good that he cannot successfully deal with your mold problem. It’s highly recommended that you don’t hire non-professionals for mold remediation.

Not contacting MoldEaters! We offer a free consultation and a 100% guarantee. With MoldEaters on the case, your home will be free of mold from your basement to your attic. Besides remediation, we also manage containment and repair.

Contact MoldEaters, your mold remediation experts in Vancouver WA and Portland OR,  to schedule a free consultation today!