The Problems Caused by Mold in Portland OR

img_9319At MoldEaters, we are aware how frustrating and upsetting finding mold in your home can be. It might even be tempting to attempt a self-clean or completely ignore it to avoid the trouble or cost. Both of these approaches can be problematic, especially if the mold in your home is causing health concerns for your family.

This is especially true if the mold within your home is toxic black mold. This type of mold is typically associated with nasty back and green patches on your walls.

Toxic black mold can be extremely hazardous and can trigger an array of symptoms. This type of mold is often referred to as Stachybotrys chartarum, a fungi that feeds on organic materials like carpet, insulation, and drywall, a then releases spores. These spores are easily inhaled or ingested and can cause a range of unpleasant and sometimes severe health problems.

If you have discovered toxic black mold in your home or are experiencing any health issues that won’t go away, contact a mold removal specialist in Portland, OR, along with your doctor.

MoldEaters can help solve your mold problem and your doctor can perform an allergy test and exam for your entire family.

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