The Secret Behind Home Mold Test Kits

img_9315You have probably heard about home mold test kits, but do you know if they really work?

At MoldEaters, your experienced mold remediation specialist in Vancouver WA, we get this question a lot from our customers, and since you can find them at most of the larger home improvement stores and most promise “fast and accurate results.

If you are considering a home mold test kit, do you have an idea about what the results mean and why they detected mold?

The first thing you need to know, is that mold is everywhere in our environment and these kits are made up of a growth media that supports mold growth. They are full of organic matter and have a great deal of moisture to help promote microbial amplification.

In order to grow mold, all these kits need are a few floating mold spores to land on them. So, it is safe to say that these kits will grow mold regardless of where you test.

Another thing to realize is that they don’t differentiate species, levels, or moisture sources that might cause mold in the first place. Basically, these kits sound good in retrospect, but they cannot give you an accurate representation of the mold in your home.

The best way to detect mold in our home is to trust the professionals! Contact MoldEaters today and forgo that store bought mold test!