Your Mold Removal and Mold Remediation Specialists in Portland Oregon Offer Customers a Variety of Services

MoldEaters is happy to provide mold removal and mold remediation services in Portland Oregon to customers who are struggling with any mold related problem within their home.

We provide mold remediation and restoration services to our customers in need of help with:

  • kitchens
  • garages
  • attics
  • basements
  • bathrooms
  • crawlspaces
  • flood damage
  • condensation
  • leaks
  • foreclosures
  • boats/RVs/vehicles


Free Consultation

MoldEaters will always view the problem before determining what needs to be done, and our initial consultation is always free. We not only want you to be comfortable with who we are before we work in the home, we want to get to the root of your problems so we know what we are dealing with. We want you to ask questions and be involved in the process. It is your home, and we will discuss your situation with you to determine where the moisture is and the extent of the mold growth.

Following our initial consultation, we might have recommendations concerning a more comprehensive moisture evaluation and mold inspection, or even third-party testing. This might help better determine the qualities of the mold that we are dealing with. For more information about our mold removal services in Portland Oregon, click here!

If you are in need of a free consultation to determine if there is mold growing in your home, click here for information on how to contact us.