Your Vancouver Mold Removal Specialists Explain How Mold Enters Your Ducts

For those Vancouver, WA residents who have a central air conditioning unit or forced air in their homes, it is important to be aware of possible mold growth within the ducts. A fast way to allow for mold growth inside your ducts, is to overlook cleaning them. Normal water condensation is a byproduct of the air-conditioning process. As condensation accumulates on the air conditioning coils with air and dust, it is common for the growth of mold to begin.

Another situation where mold can grow inside your air ducts is when a homeowner chooses to purchase a filter that is inexpensive and low quality. When a filter is not constructed well, it can allow both dust and dirt in the AC system to accumulate. Over time, the location of your air conditioner can cause mold to grow. This is especially tru when AC units are installed near areas of moisture, such as the bathroom or basement. The build-up of sawdust and other construction byproducts in the duct-work can also cause the growth of mold.


If you suspect that mold is growing in your air ducts or anywhere else in your home, feel free to contact a trusted mold removal and mold remediation specialist in Vancouver WA. Keeping mold out of your ducts can greatly improve the overall quality of the air inside your home. Click here to contact Mold Eaters today.